Boost your startup’s branding with this simple PR tip.


[Photo by Magda Ehlers]

If you have a startup and aren’t used to doing PR, but someone wants to interview you, here’s a simple tip, work your company name into your responses.

It sounds more natural than you think.

Q: “How did you get started?”
A “When I started [Tech Ladies],…”

It’s a slight but compelling shift.


You never know what quote will be used. Every interview you do will reach people who are unaware of your business. You want your business to be remembered, right?

If it’s a podcast or live interview, people will only be paying attention to a small percentage of what you say.

It’s also easy to forget who is on a live panel a little while after the introduction!

So a subtle namedrop will do wonders to reinforce what you’re promoting. Good luck!