How to build a high-trust team that can outperform bigger companies with endless budgets

Allison from Juniper
2 min readMar 17, 2023

Want to build a reliable and high-trust team? Here’s 3 ways to foster that:

Hire the right people

Bring on people who are genuinely excited about being a part of this particular team. They should believe in what you’re building and have the skills and knowledge to grow it. When you’re evaluating someone in an interview, ask why they want this particular job at this specific time in their life.

Clearly define roles, responsibilities, and expectations

Scoping out and communicating each person’s role in advance ensures everyone is working on the right things. Try to make these as specific as possible.

Each team member should know the following as soon as they get on board:

~ What will their day-to-day look like at work on week 1, month 1, and Q1?
~ What specific goals are they responsible for moving forward in the business?
~ What numbers will they report on each week to own?

Eliminate micromanagement

Give your team members the autonomy they need to get their work done. No one likes constantly being told what they should be doing or how. Micromanagement stifles creativity and makes people feel constantly watched and judged. It makes your team feel like you don’t trust them. If you don’t trust your team members, they won’t trust you either.

Just focus on regular weekly check-ins and keep the communication open so they can discuss and resolve any issues as they arise.

By focusing on these three pillars, you can build a high-trust team that can outperform even larger companies with endless budgets :)