How to deal with competition while building a bootstrapped company

Allison from Juniper
2 min readSep 21, 2022

One question that I get asked often by aspiring entrepreneurs is
“How do you deal with competition while building a company?”

Well, for the most part, I don’t.

At Tech Ladies®, we spend 98% of our time and energy focusing on:

- Our actual community members, their needs, wants,
- What they are stuck on in their career, and
- How we can be the ones to help them

When your customers are happy and your community is inviting, you’ll automatically attract people to what you’re building and away from what others are creating.

Building the best product and community you can is the best way to beat your competition.

But is it *wrong* to spend the remaining 2% of the time looking at your competition?

Of course not!

Seeing what others in your space are doing can give you everything from inspiration to validation about your place in the market.

Rest assured, your competition can copy everything you do on the outside. But having laser focus for years on end is the only thing about your business that’ll be impossible to replicate.

Keep going!

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